5 reliable baby air travel essentials for an excellent trip.

Reliable baby travel essentials

Hey there, if you’ve read my post on travelling with infants then you’ll know what this one is about, let’s get started.

1- Pacifier.

one baby travel essential is definitely a baby pacifier

This item can be particularly useful in cases where you’re mentally preoccupied or at times when your baby is getting a little too loud. In addition, cabin pressure from the airplane may cause some ear pain for an infant so a pacifier could serve as a good distraction.

2- Travel system stroller.

Another useful thing to have is a baby travel system stroller, this will come in handy when you want to place your baby on another seat (away from your lap), because airplanes tend to have bumpy movements every now and then.

it’s best to have your baby strapped in place and it also ensures that your baby will be restricted from making unnecessary movements that might otherwise hurt the baby.

3- Diapers.

Pack the baby’s diapers with consideration to the hours worth of the estimated timeframe for the flight, so if it’s a 24 hour flight, you’ll want to pack the amount of diapers you feel is needed for that time and then pack 3-4 more diapers, in case of any unforeseen circumstances like being stuck in en route.

4- Ziplock bags.

Ziplock bags can really be helpful in that they can be used to store clothes soiled by the baby, what’s more, you can also you them to store other items like your baby’s bibs, they’re space efficient and portable.

5- Changing pad.

getting a baby changing pad that's also disposable can come in handy

A changing pad is an essential when it comes to changing your baby’s soiled items often in an airplane, there probably won’t be that much space and besides it’s much to have some sorta platform to do all the changing, you can talk to a flight attendant about pointing you to a less populated space to quickly change your baby’s clothing.

This might not be the full list of items you need for travelling with your baby but it’ll set your off to a great start. Keep calm and enjoy your travels.

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