Rebranding to Auxoria

Hello my dear subscribers, for a number of reasons, there’s a lot of things I’m restricted from doing with this current wordpress subscription, so I decided to do a rebrand, I also took the liberty of choosing a new brand name and ultimately, a new domain.

www.auxoria.comI’ve transferred everything from this site to the new website, Which is http://www.auxoria.com, the last part of the migration process is you, my subscribers who’ve stood by me so far and I’m very grateful.

Because of all our busy schedules and other things going on among this pandemic, I will assume consent to move you to my new website, as waiting for each subscribers individual consent would be too time consuming.

If any of you aren’t comfortable with this change and wish to have your data usage erased or even unsubscribe, just reach me via the contact form, there will be no hard feelings, I truly want what’s for my audience and brand, and this rebrand will help me do just that.

Thank you once again for your support and I’ll see you soon 🖤

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