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Legal Bundle Pack

There’s nothing more thrilling than that wonderful feeling of creating a nice lookin’ website for your soon to be blog, just hitting that shiny blue button on wordpress (or any coloured shiny button on the platform you’re using) and thinking “Ah, it’s done. I created that amazing lookin’ website and I’ve officially become… a SUPERSTAR”.

A few days goes by, you do a little tweaking here and there, start doing some thinking about where you’d want what and why over the course of time, the overall blog aesthetics etc.

A few weeks goes by, you begin to feel more connected to your blog you created out of thin air (more like a free beginner blogger subscription phase but you get the point), at this point you’ve put up a couple of blog posts and added some more pages to the blog.

A few months goes by and you can start to feel the tingle in your bones, that exhilarating sensation you get after looking at your blog’s growth compared to when you started and thinking knowing you’ve come a long way.

At this point you’re much more committed to your blogging and you no longer think of it of an “experiment”, so you decide to upgrade your subscription and opt for a plan providing greater control over your website.

You’re now getting excited about the idea of making money from that wonderful thing you created out of “thin air”. You’re now getting more traffic and engagement compared to the beginning stages, you still have a long way to go but things are already looking up.

So you do some research about monetization, register for ads hosting, sign up for a few affiliates and even put in extra effort into creating an ebook you can sell to your audience.

As time goes by you do your research, gather content and compile them for your ebook, fast forward a weeks time, you’re done with the ebook and you’ve gotten accepted into the affiliate programs and ads hosting programs you registered for.

Now you think to yourself “Alright, time to set up that shop for my ebook, put up a few ads on the blog and lace every meaningful word in all my blog posts with affiliate links. After that, just kick back, relax, and WATCH THE MONEY ROLL IN [Cue Post Malone’s Rockstar].

BUT WAIT, as you start to implement your monetization plan…everything starts looking “null and void”, the company hosting the affiliate program says you can’t put up affiliate links, the ads hosting platform won’t give you ads to host for them and the ebook you planned to set up gets magically “exposed” to all these unforeseen risks and vulnerabilities.

You’re not sure if you should feel down after putting in so much effort only for your whole plan to reach a halt or to be very intimidated by this “all pervading”, recurring “force” you just only seem to be noticing now.

Then you hearing about all these policies, consumer protection, privacy policies, preference tracking consents and other blogging legalise . “Consumer protection- WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN???, WHAT AM I PROTECTING THEM FROM???”

A few days later he cools off and after some further research, he better understands the role of these legal policies and acknowledges them, but now another issue arises, how do I ward off the “binding” effects of this strange legal force that seems to be everywhere in the online business world.

He was tired, confused and just numb [Cue Ariana Grande’s breathin], when he opened his Facebook and “go through the motions” for a bit when he stumbled across this glorious being, radiating an abundance of legal energy, making her product consumers feel seen, heard and loved, disclaiming all fraudulent, half-ass, infringing policies left and right like it was child’s play.

“What is this magic…..I NEED THAT MAGIC”, so he decided to make contact with this strangely powerful legalise radiating being.

“I’ve put so much effort and energy into building my blog but now I’m compelled to refrain from implementing any monetization plans lest this strange legal force strikes me down, please, how do I ward off the binding effects of this force?”

“My name is Lucrezia, and you need not worry or fear, the law is indeed pervasive, but its not out to get you, that’s just how it is in the business world, instead of going above (which will only get you so far), learn to harness the power in that force and you will be able to monetize your blog and do so much more” said Lucrezia

Lucrezia offered him a legal bundle value pack for an affordable fee of $25 as making up legal policies is as time consuming as it is ineffective.

“Thanks Lucrezia, now I can continue growing my blog and adding new features, with this legal bundle value pack, I won’t have to worry about being sued or having my blog open to several vulnerabilities” said Taiwo as he thanked Lucrezia before they parted ways.

Taiwo continued adding new features and systems and with the new found clarity be had regarding “the force” and how to harness for authenticity and credibility, two key attributes for building authority. he was certain it was only a matter of time before he kicked back, relax, and watch the money roll in.

This story was intended to illustrate the importance of having the appropriate legalise for your blog, each legal document with its unique area of concentration, the story was also written from inspiration to give inspiration to the newbie bloggers of this time, against all odds, keep pushing and you will feast on your success.

In the meantime, whether its a:

Cookie policy template

Privacy policy template

Terms and conditions template

Affiliate disclosure template

If you already have some of these on your blog then good job, but you can easily get any further legal document templates you feel you’ll need over time and simply make a few edits to suit for blog.

However, if you’re somewhat new to blogging as a whole, I highly recommend the legal bundle value pack, like the name implies, it consists of a good number of important and widely used legal documents to not only get you started but help you build authenticity and credibility with your audience which are important for both monetization and traffic generation.

By purchasing any of this product, I will get a commission from the purchase at NO EXTRA COST to you, this help me renew important subscriptions that enable me to further grow my blog and create more amazing content 🧚‍♂️

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